Born on Nietzschemas – Nonjah Tunes 3 and…

… with it Dystopian Dub Discotheque, a new digital label for dubnihilism and fringe dub freshly founded and maintained by yours truly as an after-effect of the Dystopian Dub Developments…  And what better way to get things rolling that with Nonjah Tunes 3?!

Nonjah3-a2 copyIt has become a tradition to celebrate Nietzsche’s Birthday, or Nietzschemas as a Dubnihilist lovingly tends to call it, by releasing a compilation of Dub, Dub inspired or Anti-Dub tracks.

So, in time for the Philosopher‘s 170th Birthday, via Röcken, Naumburg, Basel and Milan we arrive at Volume 3 and with it at another, maybe even more whateveristic, milestone for dubnihilism:

While Nonjah Tunes 1 and Nonjah Tunes 2 were released on Digital Vomit Records, having been compiled via an open call of their forum, DV’s Cease to Exist – or at least Persist-move of recent made it seem appropriate to have Nonjah Tunes 3 as the first of the series to be released on my own brand new dub label Dystopian Dub Discotheque. And as its inaugural release:

Nonjah Tunes 3

Once again, via an open call for submissions, we arrived at a great compilation of interesting music following a loose definition of Dub or Dubnihilism, but even one or two tracks slightly beyond the fringes of dub; a challenging but entertaining listening experience:

1.Autonomaton – Atmosphere

2.Thee Crumb – The Torchbearer (1209 Mix)

3.Remote Origin – November

4.Plan x Sonny Blake – Atme

5.Keith Hic – In the centre of the Lucid

6.Tantrumist – Vacationbreak

7.Hardoff – iDubWrong

8. Verbalizer – The House of the Rising Sun Recorded in Russian Taxi on the Phone

9. his Namelessness Is Legion – Babylon via Röcken, Naumburg and Tyburn

10. µ – Collage #3 Think God out of Existence

11.Scrambled Ego – Repetitve Reign Injury

12.Shanks Pony – Chilling with Nixon (how high was he?)

13.DevilMonkey feat Benjamin James Wylie – World Destruction (Timezone cover)

14.Autonomaton – Opera Dub

Above: bandcamp – there: ddd003 release info/dl

But there’s more great stuff to come via Dystopian Dub Discotheque soon, the next two releases, planned for early November, will be

ddd001 – Dystopian Dub Developments: Live Cuts

ddd002 – The Difference Engine: Elektrokrishna Tape-Dub Sessions

Furthermore but not least: makers of dubnihilism, fringe dub, etc. should get in touch with demos… So make sure to head over to Dystopian Dub Discotheque and Blah Chess!

And a happy Nietzschemas to you all!

As I enter sagehood… – 40% off on bandcamp!



Alas how time flies… It feels like it was only yesterday (it was!) that I decided to celebrate my upcoming birthday by giving you the biggest discount on bandcamp to date. A whopping 40% off if you enter the code “evil_sage” at checkout.

This “evil_sage” offer starts on Oct. 9th 2014 and ends on the 13th of October at Midnight. So let him who hath understanding reckon age and date and/or whatever. Everyone else head over to my bandcamp page and treat yourself…

(The Great Black Matter Swindle 1 for example! Part Two also available)

(Or the ambient space adventures of Some Stars not yet Black Holes – or head for the free/pay as you like remix album!)

(Or if you’re more in the mood for some industrial/noise/drone sound, there’s also one his Namelessness is Legion album there)..

And there is quite a few more on my Bandcamp page, like Also Spoke Zerothruster where this Track comes from:

And plenty more – including a few Pay as you like/Free ones!

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See you!

October – Shows & No-Shows Pt1

idontgetflyer There’s gonna be two chances to catch me live this very week, first on Thursday in Islington at “I Don’t Get It #2 A noise and Art experience.” where I will be performing all new his Namelessness Is Legion material based around my recently developed “Couch of Babylon” setup. Except that I won’t be bringing a couch.

Anyway, see below!

So make sure you come by the Hope and Anchor on Thursday Oct. 2nd!

Two days later, Saturday Oct. 4th I will be performing with FLAK at Class Warfare’s “Rock against the Rich” at T. Chances in Tottenham.

There are two more FLAK shows in the pipeline for October, so stay tuned…

Loads more to tell… soon…

well, updated: here’s the flyer for Saturday. and the link above takes you to the fb event page.


Make sure to come by both events! It’s gonna be fun…


PS: you may come across listings for his Namelessness Is Legion (or any possible miss-spelling thereof) for Oct. 9th – I will NOT  be performing at this event…

Live Punk, then Noise – all on the coming Weekend

Time to announce some upcoming live-performances:

I don’t think I’ve so far made much (if any) mention here of Flak, the Punk combo I’ve joined a couple of months ago. After diving in at the deep end playing a first gig with them in Camden after only on rehearsal, I’ve been rehearsing with them over the last couple of weeks playing guitar as well as bringing my noise-making experience to the table for some tracks.

flak horsedrawn 1 flak horsedrawn 2 flak horsedrawn 3

The weekend before last we performed in the Wiltshire wilderness at The Horsedrawn Group’s “(It’s not the) End of the World Festival and now we’re going to play in London again:



Coming Saturday, Sept. 6th 2014, Flak will perform at  T-Chances in Tottenham. We’re part of the line-up for Take the High Road festival which promises to be good! Here’s the flyer:

t-chances flyer1








Then, the very next day it’s off to Bristol for a  performance at an all-dayer – labyrint sound exploration, running from 12 am – 10 pm at The Island.


Nonjah Tunes 3 – taking dubnihilistic submissions ’til 23.9.14

Alas how time flies! Nietzschemas, the feast celebrating the birth of the last Epitome of a Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, is only just a bit over two months away – high time for the traditional call for submissions to this year’s Nonjah Tunes Compilation!

For the third time in a row the dubnihilistic Nonjah Tunes compilation will be released on Nietzsche’s Birthday, October 15th. And, as in previous years, submissions for the compilation shall be gathered via an open call:

nietzscheThere’s gonna be some changes this year: since Digital Vomit Records, home for the first two releases, has ended its activities, Nonjah Tunes 3 will come out on my brand new Dystopian Dub Discotheque label (so brand new, even the webpage is still “under construction” ) and will function as the inception-release for this imprint; together with some other material – what? that’s gonna be revealed at the appropriate time!

Nonjah Tunes 1 & 2 will then also be made available via the Dystopian Dub Discotheque Bandcamp. (They’re still online on DVR – see links below!)
This also means that, unlike the years before, all this will (have to) be done without the great help the Digital Vomit platform with its contributors/agents and forum had so far provided. Time to thank everybody involved there, I think!!

For those making dub-esque music and hopefully eager to contribute:

The ‘rules & by-laws’ are the same as they were for since NT 1 – any & all versions of dub & dub-derivatives welcome. In other words – anything building on repetitive ostinato-basslines & over-abundant echo-use, tracks that reference (roots-) dub or basically anything that can be related to dub, its technique of using the studio as an instrument, but – as the title & Nietzsche connection may suggest, no “religious roots music” – will be considered.

Experience so far has shown that I never had to decline a submission, but I reserve the rights to do so should I get material that steers too far off the projected path…

Have a listen to the previous compilations to get an idea! Thanks!

Deadline is September 23rd

for submissions &/or correspondence hit me up at hidari [at] gmx [dot] net

looking forward to more bass-heavy and echo-overabundant weirdness… Like the previous two compilations:

cover1-300x300Nonjah Tunes 1 (DVR114)

with tracks by Thee Crumb, Datarapist, Allen , DFKT,

Venganza de Cochino, Shanks Pony, RPG-H8R, iivix,

Scrambled Ego, Ritalin War Dance, Solypsis, Hardoff,

Alien Hand & Tomoroh Hidari.


coverNonjah Tunes 2 (DVR123)

with tracks by The Dubnihilist (mixed by deathisnotacolor),

kWeRk, Fluorescent Grey, DevilMonkey, Thee Crumb,

Helix Resonator, Scrambled Ego, deathisnotacolor,

Soul Piss, Zkrat, RPG-H8R, Venganza de Cochino,

Liesl Ujvary, Zkrat vs DevilMonkey.

… all in the sign of scattering echoes, ostinato- and wobbling bass-lines and that special flavor of post-Jamaican unrooted reggae that respects the roots through adaptation rather than colonizing them through imitation.